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We, Eroplants Laboratory for Industry and Environmental Solutions, ELIES BIOTECH PRIVATE LIMITED are a start up, woman entrepreneur leading Biotechnology enterprise believing in the power of Microbial Bio-prospecting, covering the need for technology transfer in the Organic Food and Agriculture sectors for native sustainable ecosystem development. Microbial Biotechnology and Bioprospecting encompass the practice of microbiological techniques for the manufacture and commercialization of bio-resources intended to improve the quality of human life. Our concern is dedicated towards the commercialization of microbial resources covering the domains of Bacteria, Fungi, and Algae. We have well equipped Biological and Physio-Chemical laboratory testing facilities for Water & Soil as per ISO standard testing parameters.
Our Manufacturing Products
 Food Biotechnology Products: Oyster Mushroom Spawns, Milky Mushroom Spawns, Mushroom Value added products.
 Agricultural Biotechnology Products: Mixed Microbial consortium (NPK), Pink Pigmented Facultative Methylotrophs (PPFM), Biological Pest retardant, Biological Composting stimulator, Bas Gas stimulator.
 Environmental Biotechnology Products: Mixed Microbial consortium (ETP/STP), Nutrient mixer for Microbial Growth supplement.

Our additional services
 Customized Designing, Execution and Maintenance of ELIES BioGas plants and ELIES BioReactor plants.
 Technical consultancy for Mushroom cultivation, Vermicomposting, Bee keeping, Biocomposting, and Agri Green manures.
 Consultancies for Integrated Livestock Farming and fodder crop management.
 Guidelines for FSSAI Registration & Licensing, Food Testing services, and Export guidelines.

We are focusing on Innovative products believing the power of Microorganisms for natural and sustainable eco-system offering eco-benign solutions in the domains of Agriculture and Environment. Our another main focus is on waste management and recycling of wastes from various industries. We believe in the power of indigenous mixed microbial consortium specifically selected for addressing individual needs.

Innovation: We are giving much importance to cost effective and efficient products for the betterment of our eco-system. We are applying our product applications entails easy to use strategy even for laymen without scientific background.

Improvement: We strongly hope on our Custom made products and its strategies addressing the needs of every problem to be faced.
Scalability: At this juncture we are planning to venture in to large scale production for satisfying the large demand and hence we need to increase of man power. Our man power recruitment will mainly focus on skilled and semi-skilled personnel from our locality which also greatly reduce the migration of our native people in search of Employment.

Ultimately, in due course of time all these strategies will result in innovative custom made products for addressing all the problems of native Agricultural and Environmental development that can be manufactured in our India. It will greatly reduce the needs of Import from foreign countries at the same time giving business opportunities to many people in our India. In the near future, our innovative products will have Export possibilities thereby supporting our nation's GDP and Growth of MAKE IN INDIA concept.

Having over a decade experience in research by our directors, our startup is coined by research to business. With meticulous research and experience, through indigenous mixed microbial consortia we are solving the problems of two domains. It includes problems faced in sustainable agriculture and environment encompassing waste management problems of industries.

In natural farming and sustainable agriculture, main problem for all the farmers is the availability of efficient and cost effective microbial bioinoculants. Through meticulous research and indigenous production, we could provide soil specific/crop specific bioinoculum with the attributes of high efficacy and cost effectiveness.

The main problems faced by dyeing, paper, pharmaceutical industries, and tanneries are their waste management systems. An effective waste management strategy is highly essential for safeguarding our environment as well as to recycle our resources. Considering the advantage that our both director’s research degree programme Ph.D., was on Bioaugmentation, bioreduction and bioremediation addressing the waste management issues of tanneries and dye industries, we provide waste management solutions to the industries through specifically selected indigenous mixed microbial consortia.

In the agriculture domain, we provide soil specific/crop specific products to improve the soil quality and crop yield thereby supporting natural farming and sustainable agriculture. In the environment domain, our specifically designed products resolve the issues faced in the waste management of the industries.

The power of indigenous mixed microbial consortium specifically selected for addressing individual needs. Specifically designed custom made products depending on the needs is our unique solution for the problems pertaining to agriculture and environment.

1. Custom made Biotech solutions as per the requirement of industries
2. Cost effective
3. Affordable by all economic groups
4. Awareness and easy use for even layman.
5. Problem specific products
6. Broad spectrum
7. Reliable products and
8. Promising market potentials.

Being a sole proprietorship concern since 2017, we have incorporated as a private limited company in November 2019. Through our reliable and efficient products, we have gained customer confidence and satisfaction in and around district level.

We have about 50+ customers including dealers, distributors, agents, consultants, and direct beneficiaries. We are addressing agriculture and environment related problems through our innovative products. We address the waste management problems of various industries including dyeing, paper and pharma industries as well as tanneries.

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04242293565; 09942921613
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Manufacturer of Palm Sugar (கருப்பட்டி/பனை வெல்லம்)and Sugarcane Jaggery powder (நாட்டு சக்கரை)

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04448535395 / 9942034433
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